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Crime Patrol is a well-known India crime reality show which is in anthological format where it researches, records, analyse real crime cases under police records and then picturized in narrative style with sense of a mocumentary theme. This is an educating and awareness oriented crime show which motivate people to anticipate possibility of crime as well as understanding that it never gets off from the law.

Cinevistaas created the first season after which all seasons are produced by Optimystix Entertainment. The show has its premier on 9 May 2003 by which it is now India’s longest crime reality show ever and also one of the first kind that captured the files of law enforcement authorities to retrieve authentic crime cases.

Watch Crime Patrol Full Episode

The show is also popular due to its narrative style where Anup Soni do the hosting and presents the whole theme of the show. It has been nearly 15 years of ‘Crime Patrol’ with more than 750 episodes yet. The show is directed by Subramaniam S. Iyer and written by Deepak Chaurasia, Sania Sayed, Vinisha Dhamankar, Rajesh Yadav and himself Subramaniam S. Iyer. The basic theme of the show is about the motto ‘Crime Never Pays’ where real criminal cases are documentarised and dramatized to present it to audience to make them aware of the crimes and its anticipation.

Watch Crime Patrol Satark Daily Episode

Watch Crime Patrol Dial 100 Daily Episode

The show strongly aware about the signs of such criminal activities and how one can detect such crimes before it happens saving people lives. There are various mottos and beliefs which are communicated to audience regarding pre and post criminal activities. Each episode is based on some new case where the casting keeps changing, however there are some particular actors in their casting lobby which seen very often.


It is an excellent show in Indian television. Anup Soni has been doing incredible job so far. Nobody in Indian television narrates better than him. Presentation, background music, cinematography, acting all the components are very good. It shows the real problems in the society. However I feel the violence which are no far from reality shown in such a manner which makes unacceptable to many viewers. If the violence shown is edited to some extent it can be acceptable to larger number of viewers. It has brought a number of burning issues of the society. No daily soap or crime show can create such good influence. My wishes are with this show.

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